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Armenian Gata

One of  the  perks  of  living  in  Southern California is   that one  gets  to  experience  different  cultures and cuisines.  Sometime back  I found  these   wonderful sweetbreads   called  Gata  in a nearby  middle  eastern bakery .   A  bit  of  research  led  to  Armenian  Gata .  It is a  sweet and  soft  bread ,  almost  like a  pastry .  There are  many variations  of  this gata.  One  popular  version is   a  bread filled   an almost  custard  like  filling of   butter  , sugar and  flour .    This is the  one   we have  here.

Armenian Gata

An internet  search  of  how  to make Armenian Gata will  bring  up many version of  gata  recipe – many tied  to  family histories  and  traditions.   All the   recipes  agree on  one  thing  that there is  bread/pastry  and  the  filling .   Some  are  richer  than others  and  some  downright  decadent.   The  one  that   became a  hit  with us   is  a  lightly sweetened   bread   with the  walnut  filling .  I like  the  filling  to be a thin layer, but  feel free  to   double  the   filling  if   you like.   The  standard  filling  , koritz, is  a  simple  mix of  butter , flour   and  sugar . This  unassuming  filling  gives  the  most  delectable  taste and texture .

The   recipe  starts  as  a  standard    sweet  dough  recipe.  You start  by  activating  the  yeast . Warm 1/4 C  milk  to 110°F or  just  warm to   touch .  Mix one tbsp  honey  with the   milk  and  sprinkle  the  yeast on top .   Let it   sit  aside  for 5  to  10  minutes    for  the  yeast  to become  bubbly .  Here  is  the  thing  though, this is a pastry  so  none  of that  skimmed  stuff.

Armenian Gata Dough

Now  to make the   dough.  This is  going  to  get a  little  sticky. Take  the  flour in a  large  mixing  bowl . Add  salt  and  sugar (honey)   and   stir  to  mix  evenly.  Make a  well  in the  center of   flour mix and  pour  the  activated  yeast   followed  by half  the   remaining  milk  and   the  egg .   Knead  gently for a  minute  till  the   liquid    is  absorbed  by the  flour .  Add the  melted  butter    and  enough  of  the  remaining  milk  to   make  slightly  sticky dough . Cover  and  set  aside  for  10  minutes.  During   the  10 minutes of  resting, the  flour  absorbs  a  lot  more  moisture  and  it  gets  easier  to  knead. I would  recommend  it ,  even if you were  using  a stand  mixer  to  knead.

Knead  the   dough    for  10 to  15  minutes   until it  becomes  soft  and  very  pliable.  If  needed  add  a  few  more  drops  of milk or  a few  tablespoons of flour.   As  always  a  little  wet   dough is  preferable  to  a   dry one.  Form  the  dough into a ball .  Oil  the  bottom  of  a  bowl  and  place   the  dough ball  in it .  Turn  the   dough to coat  all sides   with oil  . Cover  the  bowl  (kitchen  towel, plastic  wrap,  any  airtight lid ) .  Set aside  in a  warm  place  for  it  to   double –  about   1  hr.

While  the   dough is  proofing prepare  the  filling .  In a  bowl    mix  the   sugar  and  flour  with a  pinch of  salt .  I usually add finely chopped  walnuts  as  well.    Mix  well .  Melt  the   butter  for  filling  and  add  it  slowly to the  dry ingredients along  with  vanilla  essence  and  mix  well .  If  you  take  the  filling  in the  palm of  your  hands  and  press  it close    it  should  just  come  together .  Do not  add  water.  If  necessary  add a  bit  more   melted  butter .  Set  aside .

Once  the  dough has  doubled  in  volume , punch it  down   and  invert  into a  well  floured  kneading  surface .  At  this  point  you   can  choose  to make a  large  single gata or   mini   gatas .   Here I  have  made 3  medium  sized  ones .

Divide  the   dough into  4    pieces  .   Take  one  piece  and  flatten into    about  6″  disc .  Place a third of  the  prepared   filling  at the   center of  the  disc .  bring  up the  sides  of  the   dough   around  the   filling and  pinch it  close .     Using a  rolling  pin    gently roll it  back into  a  disc  about  7 to 8 inch  in diameter .  Transfer to a   baking  sheet .  Repeat    with   2  more  pieces .

Take  the  4th piece  of   dough  and  roll it  out  to a  fairly thin   disc  – 12  to 14  inches in  diameter .   Cut  into thin  strips   and  place  over    the  gata   discs in  a  decorative  pattern.  This is  an optional  step, kind of a  baker’s  secret.  All that  decoration on top  helps  to hide  tide any imperfections. When  breads  were  made in the communal ovens, these  decorative  touches were the  mark of  the  owner.

Trim  and   tuck in the   ends of  the  dough  strips   under the  discs .  The  handle of a  dinner spoon / fork   comes  handy  here.  In  another  bowl   whisk an egg   with 1  tsp of  milk  and  set   aside  for  egg wash .  Brush the  tops    with  egg wash   and  use  a  fork  to  poke  holes  on the  top  of  the   breads  as  well .  This is  an important  step as  otherwise  the  filling  might  break  the  top and ooze out .Transfer to  the  oven  pre heated to 375 °F  and  bake  for   around  30  minutes,  until the  tops  are  dark  golden.  When  done  the   the  internal  temperature  should  read  200°F.

Cool , Slice , Serve 🙂

Armenian Gata


Armenian Gata

Armenian Gata

By Syama
This   is  traditional bake  from Armenia.   The  bread is  soft  and  delicious with a sweet ,  buttery  melt  in the mouth  filling   in the  center.   A  divine  tea  time  treat indeed ! 
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 30 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine Armenian


  • 500 g Flour 4 C
  • 220 g Milk 1 C
  • 80 g Honey 4 Tbsp
  • OR
  • 50 g Sugar 4 Tbsp
  • 7 g Active Dry Yeast 2Tsp
  • 10 g Salt 1Tsp
  • 2 Tbsp Butter
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla


  • 4 Tbsp Butter
  • 1/2 C Sugar
  • 1/2 C Flour
  • 1/3 C Walnut Optional
  • 1 Pinch Salt


  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Tsp Milk


  • Warm 1/4 C milk to 100°F - 110°F or just warm to touch . Mix one Tbsp honey or sugar with the milk and sprinkle the yeast on top . Let it sit aside for 5 to 10 minutes for the yeast to become bubbly .
  • Take salt, flour and sugar (or honey)in a large mixing bowl and stir to mix evenly . Make a well in the center and pour the activated yeast followed the egg and half of the remaining milk. Knead gently for a minute till the liquid is absorbed by the flour. Add the melted butter and enough of the remaining milk to make slightly sticky dough . Cover and set aside for 10 minutes.
  • Knead the dough for 10 to 15 minutes till it becomes soft and very pliable . Add few more drops of milk or a few tablespoons of flour if needed. Form the dough into a ball. Place in an oiled bowl, turn the dough to coat all sides with oil . Cover the bowl and set aside in a warm place for it to double - about 1 hr.
  • In a bowl mix the sugar and flour with a pinch of salt .Melt the butter for filling and add it slowly to the dry ingredients along with the vanilla extract. Mix well till everything comes together. Set aside .
  • Punch down the dough that has doubled and and invert into a well floured kneading surface. Divide the dough into 4 pieces . Take one piece and flatten into about 6" disc . Place a third of the prepared filling at the center of the disc . Bring up the sides of the dough around the filling and pinch it close . Using a rolling pin gently roll it back into a disc about 7 to 8 inch in diameter . Transfer to a baking sheet . Repeat with 2 more pieces.
  • Take the 4th piece of dough and roll it out to a fairly thin disc - 12 to 14 inches in diameter . Cut into thin strips and place over the gata discs in a decorative pattern. Trim and tuck in the ends of the dough strips under the discs . Cover and set aside to double in size , about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C).Whisk an egg with 1 tsp of milk in a bowl for egg wash .
  • Brush the tops with egg wash poke holes all over the tops with a fork. When the oven is ready transfer to it and bake for around 30 minutes, until the tops are golden brown .


For a sweeter / richer version double the filling without walnuts.
Volume measurements are approximations.

Important: Nutrition Values are estimates. Actuals vary based on ingredients and serving size.

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Armenian Gata Pin

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Sunday 23rd of April 2023

I tried this recipe last night and it turned out really well! I've been eating a lot of gata from a local bakery and wanted to try making it myself. My gata turned out much darker than the images, but that's fine. I doubled the filling recipe, sans walnuts, and used all 4 disks to form gata, instead of leaving one to use for decoration. They turned out delicious!


Wednesday 20th of July 2022

Can you use quick rise yeast and if so would it be the same amounts?


Thursday 20th of October 2022



Sunday 20th of May 2018

Slices of gata bread are offered in few armenian restaurants at the end of your meal, when you ask for the check. This is how I discovered this tasty bread. Now I'm completely in love with... Currently living in Armenia, so I'm gonna eat a lot of those before I'll have to leave ;) Yours has a lovely decoration !


Monday 21st of May 2018

I am glad you found my gata recipe ! How exciting it must be to live there ! My exposure to that part of the world is very limited. It must be an incredible experience if the food is anything to go by. Enjoy!


Sunday 24th of December 2017

It doesn’t say how much sugar for the dough portion. Please let me know!


Monday 25th of December 2017

Thank you for spotting it - it was meant to be honey or sugar and I forgot to add the sugar equivalent even though I referred to sugar rather than honey in the method. Just updated it . Thank you again !


Thursday 28th of September 2017

This looks wonderful, I rarely eat Armenian food but I just love it when I do have some. I really like the decoration on top. You did such a nice job!


Friday 29th of September 2017

Thank you !