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Are We There Yet! – 5 Incredible Things to Do In Summer

 A  few  rocks to  climb , big and  small
Fellow wandering souls,  to  meet and greet
Swap a few tales, old and  new
Smell the  mountain air,  feel the  salt in your hair
All that  happens  here,  while someone  pipes in from behind
“Are  we  there yet !!”

Now  that is a family road trip  for  you !!!

Recently our  family  got back  from a  summer  road  trip. We  were  all bone  tired, ready to crawl into our  beds  and  forget  all about  adventures, bug bites  and  achy  feet.  But  then  we  wake  up and  start talking about the next  road  trip!  If someone asks   my kids  about  their favorite  road  trip, the   answer would  always be “last summer’s”.  I am  not  sure  whether it is  because their  memory is  short  or because  we  are  getting  better at planning  and  organizing ,  but  summer  has  come  to  symbolize   sun , sand  and  achy feet.

Of course,   there is  nothing  romantic  about    being  on the  road  with  kids. It  gets  trickier  when your  destinations   don’t  have  wi-fi and  the  modern  distractions.  Fellow  parents  have  vastly different  take on  it – some  look  at  the  whole  experience  with horror  while  some others  frown and  wonder  why   anyone  would  do  it   when nearby theme parks are aplenty.

Why  do it ? Well it   is  fun,  exciting,  challenging  and  most  of  all  offers a  fresh prospective on  the  familiar. Have I ever  felt   excited  about  the cables on the Golden Gate  Bridge vibrating  as  the  cars  pass  by ?  Of  course not ,  that is until  I  and my  son  felt  it  together.  I had been on that  bridge a  few  times, but  this time  was  special.
Are We There Yet

There is always  something  fun  and  new   about  these  trips,  whether it  takes you 50 miles  or  5000 miles  away from home.  Every trip is  memorable  and  there are always some  gems  to find along the  way.   This  year  we  decided  to  explore  our  home  state a  bit  more and  do that long  overdue trip to the  northern  parts of the state.  We  just  did  not  realize   what  treats  were in store for  us !

Everyone knows  about  the popular California destinations –  Yosemite ,  Disney Land,  Hollywood and so on.  Needless to say  all these places are  packed   with  tourists  in summer.  But after a few hectic  weeks of summer  we  wanted  this trip to  be  about  winding  down.  We  wanted  the to explore the out of  the  way, not  so popular  gems. We  knew  about them, had passed  them by  on  earlier  occasions, never really pausing  to  explore.

Just to be  clear, for us  winding  down   means  climbing a  few  rocks, being on  seemingly endless  roads  as  well as  starry skies  and  rhythm of the  ocean.  You  will find some or  all of of  these  in all  these places  below.  Definitely give  these  these a  go  if  any of  these  are  in  your  bucket  list.

  • Climb an extinct  Volcano –  Cinder Cone at Lassen  National Park There  are  all  kinds of  volcanoes  that  yo can  climb at  Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Don’t  panic none of  these are active. Of these  Cinder Cone is  unique  and  well worth  the  experience.   Here you climb   a  steep volcanic   to  reach the  top and  then  go  down the  crater in the center.  This is a challenging climb, but  this  is  not all that Lassen has to offer,  there is snow , clear  lakes , stargazing  and  hot  earth !!
  • Go caving – Lava bedsOde To Road TripsSo you went up the   volcano , what  next ? Go  down to the  underground  cave  system,  of  course !! This is one   place  you could  get  lost,  literally.  The  caves  are  dark , damp  and  full of   sharp surfaces .  Have  flashlights,  good  footwear, and  be  ready  to  bend  down and crawl.  Most  importantly  be  ready for  darkness  and  have your  wits  about you ..


  • History Lessons and Some Petroglyphs – Lava Beds

The ancients  have  their  own  ways of   recording   and  communicating   tings.  But how  ancient?   There seems to be  some confusion  about the  age  of  these rock art.  At Petroglyph point  this small  hill side is  full of rock  carvings.   Look  around  and  you might  find  some  symbols  that  you  can  relate  to. There is  history  and  stories  here.

  • Go where  Sand  and  Surf Meets Some Very Nice People – Oregon Dunes

I know , this is  not  in  CA, but  it  is  just  just across the  border :-).  Yes  there are  sand dunes  in  CA ,  but can you imagine  midday  dune buggy rides  in  summer ?  Well  here you can – sand surf  and    absolutely wonderful  weather !!!

This is   the  place to fall in  love  with, or  to  tie  the  knot  at.  Waves crashing on  the sides  of  this  narrow peninsula  is  the  perfect backdrop  for  you  to  get  away from it all.  The  nature’s  music  invites  you to  shed  your  worries,   and  be   in the  moment –  do  you thing  here – be  it  yoga, hiking,  catching  up on the  reading …

To  summer , road trips  and  time  spent  with family !!!!

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