Seven Cups Burfi – Simple No Fail Diwali Sweet

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Seven Cups Burfi - Indian fudge made with chickpea flour

This fudge like dessert gets its name from the ingredients used – 7 cups in all. It is made with very common ingredients in the Indian pantry and requires no high level cooking skills. The burfi of fudge made is delicious and has a unique texture to it.

You Say Glazed Doughnuts , I Say Badusha

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Think of flaky fried doughnuts, and imagine them dunk in sugar syrup – there you have it the popular Indian Sweet – badusha. Mine are not the best , in fact they don’t even stand a chance against the ones made by moms across Indian Kitchesn – but these will still disappear fast !

Komola Bhog – Magic With Milk And Orange

Komola bhog - Orange flavored rasgulla

A citrus flavored version of an Indian favorite – Rasgulla. This a a sweet milk based dessert that is popular in the north. Soft and spongy balls are made with separating milk solids from whey. These are soaked in sugar syrup making it into a delectable dessert.