Carrot Beet Cake –  Almost a Health Food

This   cake  has  me  almost  file  the   recipe  under vegetable/side  dish.   I think it could  get  away  with it  too ,  well  almost ..   Beet  cakes  are  not  as  popular  as carrot  cakes,  with  good  reason too .  The  strong beet  flavors  can be overpowering .  But  here  combination of  Read more

Two Bite Curried Chicken Puffs

Two bite curried chicken puffs

Nothing matches  the  versatility of  the puff  pastry sheets  when  it  comes  to making   easy appetizers. Sweet,  savory ,  crunchy  or  soft   all these  tastes  and  textures  are  easy to achieve   with   these  unassuming  looking  sheets of  dough.  Here is a  good example – Two Bite Curried Chicken Puffs.  Bite sizeRead more

Curried Salmon With Spinach

Curried Salmon With Spinach

This  dish is  inspired  by my childhood.   No there  were no  Salmon in South India, but   fish was  plentiful, as were  Amaranth leaves.  Purple  amaranth was  our  favorite   Mom used  to  make “Cheera thoran” or  stir fried amaranth leaves with coconut .  Amaranth  leaves  are more  nutritious  than  spinach  and  a  mealRead more

A Lovely Blog and Preserved Lemon Tuna Salad !!!

Delish! is all  I say.  Sometimes  the  most  satisfying  things  are  the  simplest of them all !  So today  I am joining a  group of  food bloggers  to  share  some  wonderful  recipes.    This  recipe   is  Ali’s ,  who  has a  beautiful  collection of recipes at Fix  Me  A  Little  Lunch.  Now  if you, my reader,Read more

Jowar Roti – Shorgum Flat Breads

Jowar or  Sorghum  rotis , flat breads, are  popular in many parts of  South India. In fact  we had our  first taste of taste of  Jowar Roti  at Hampi in Karnataka.  These  Jolada Roties, as  they were  called  locally, are  soft and  extremely delicious.  They have  more of  a  melt in the  mouth  quality comparedRead more

Ube (Purple Yam) Bread – Color Me Purple !!!

Isn’t this beautiful ! This loaf is  made  with ube  commonly known as the is  purple  yam or  purple  sweet potato.  In fact Ube should be  for  uber beautiful and  Uber  healthy too.These   are   loaded  with vitamin  A & C,  potassium and  Anthocyanin.  Suffice  to  say   that if  you don’t  want to drinkRead more